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12 Hours - Dry Protection

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Comfort & Flexibility

Dermatologically Tested

Vegan & Cruelty-Free

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Pure Born's Pants are carefully designed to take a baby comfortably into the next step of their lives as they grow. They have carefully been made to provide comfort and flexibility to your child as they go about their day with ease and without worry, providing up to 12 hours of dry protection.

Our Pants provide a child with their first experience of independence. Your child can go about their day as they begin to potty train and gain confidence in when they need to remove their Pants. Parents can rest as the Pants have been carefully designed for upto 12 hours of dry protection enabling use for day or night and fewer changing periods.


Why should I choose PureBorn pants?
PureBorn Pants are not only safe and gentle on your baby’s skin, with all the accreditations to prove it, but they are also safe for our environment. We use sustainably-sourced materials from FSC certified forests, they are vegan and cruelty free and our packaging is made from sustainably-sourced materials. If all of that isn’t enough, they are also available in super fun prints!
What are the PureBorn Pants made from?
The PureBorn Pants are made from natural, safe and responsibly sourced materials with FSc certified wood pulp core. Our pants are Dermatologically Tested, Vegan and Cruelty Free. We promise to only use safe, PURE ingredients across all of our products.
How should the pants be disposed?
Our Nappies and Pants are made from majority plant based and biodegradable materials. We recommend the following best practices for disposal: Place the pants in a biodegradable pants sack. This allows the oxygen to permeate the pants When disposing of the pants sack, place in a non-biodegradable bin liner, ideally at the top to allow maximum exposure to oxygen.
What accreditations do the PureBorn pants have?
Discover all of our accreditations here.
How do I choose the correct size?
Check out our nappy and pants size guide here

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